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Why share your stock picks with me?

It is natural for you to ask us the following question:

Why do you share your stock picks with others? Why don't you simply trade in your own account and get rich!

We have many reasons for sharing our stock picks with you:
  1. The daily stock pick list is comprised of stocks that trip our technical indicators. In such scenerios, presence of more traders in the market can only support the predicted market direction, enhancing the overall returns,
  2. We cannot possibly trade in all the stocks that trip our signals because:
    • it would require a lot of capital
    • it would be very hard for anyone to research all the stock picks in one night
    • it would be difficult to follow the price behaviour for the best possible entry when trading in multiple securities
  3. Your interest motivates and supports us to improve our analytical methods for the benefit of our own as well as our subscribers' trading

  4. Although the technical aspects of a given stock pick may be sound, just because it appears in our list is not an automatic signal for a buy (or a short). We tell you which stocks are likely to make significant moves in the short term and it is up to you to take your position at a favorable price level. For example, if the stock ABC appears as a buy in our daily list, it is in your best interest to follow this stock closely and enter at a favorable price in the next few days depending on your observations of the price movement.
There is no short cut to success.

You will have to work hard to get good at it; that is one reason why we recommend our services to experienced traders only. If you are just beginning to trade on your own, we strongly urge you to papertrade first.

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