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Why use your service?

We have been in this business for over a decade and have one of the best track records among similar services provided elsewhere. We regularly update our performance tracking links for you to objectively assess the quality of our stock picks. Many hours of design, analysis and our own trading experience have been incorporated in a computer program that analyses the end-of-day data feed we receive every night. We are so sure of the quality of our stock picks that we offer you a full, no questions asked moneyback guarantee.

New or inexperienced subscribers are strongly urged to papertrade initially, without risking real capital. All one has to do is papertrade the list we provide you every night and see for yourself that real profits CAN BE generated if you consistently follow our recommendations. Make sure that you read our section on general trading tips before deciding to put your hard-earned money in securities.

There are other reasons why you should be using our service:


  • DO use extensive technical analysis
  • DO trade only momentum or trending stocks
  • DO trade often (click here to see why this is so important)
  • DO take small but frequent profits
  • DO take losses if necessary (to release the capital for action elsewhere)
  • DO treat all moving stocks equally without any bias
  • DO apply strict capital control measures

We :

  • DO NOT speculate
  • DO NOT follow fundamental ratios (P/E, P/B, P/S etc.) nor do we chase undervalued stocks
  • DO NOT want to know how the company is managed
  • DO NOT want to know where the company will be in future
  • DO NOT average down
  • DO NOT get locked in positions for long periods of time (unless the stock moves in our direction)
  • DO NOT fall in love with stocks or hate them

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