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"Thank you very much for your prompt reply! I am enjoying your service so far and have already begun to take some small ( 2% - 4% ) profits on trades. "
- Barry

"All of the trades are up, long or short, within about 3 weeks usually, and that track record goes back years on the Nasdaq which in and of itself is exceptional."
- Adrian

" Excellent call on GMCR! Got in early and took 58 cents before the trailing stop hit. Thanks! "
- Jeff

" First off, I am absolutely amazed at the accuracy of the daily posted picks.  I tend to be rather cynical towards stock pick websites (my old e-mail account is inundated daily with what I call pump & dump e-mails) but, no word of a lie, the picks posted for the past two weeks, since I signed on again, have been spot on.  If the entry does not hit, don't trade it.  If the entry hits, there's at least a 5 cent scalp and usually much more. "
- Geoff

" Thanks for the prompt support. Getting the feeling I should recommend you to all I know. Keep it up. As for my problem, thanks I understand now. "
- Ben

" Thank you so much for your detailed answer and advice. Emotions, falling in love with a stock, listening to others etc – all classic rookie mistakes and I did everyone of them no more greed and no more hanging on when the stock falls because I like the ‘story’. I will take profits, I will minimize my losses, I will be successful this time around (my morning affirmations)!! I will stay away from shorting as that is my instinct anyways and sit on the sidelines, in cash, when necessary. We do have TFSAs, have had since Jan 3/2009 – they are a little off market value, at the moment, we will rectify that! I highlighted your advice that I hadn’t been following in the past, got caught up in the junior miners, big time, gradually getting out. Many thanks again, "
- Jil

" Thank you – I made a big mistake by not staying with you 3 years ago and as a result lost a great deal of money – I look forward to making it back, with your help and I will be very careful.... "
- Wenjie

" Thank-You for the leads this  past while. The ones I chose, I was successful on; although small, but still successful. "
- Rob

" I know you didn't have to answer but as usual you did so Thank-You again for taking the time to do that.  On the stops I am trying to measure my risk reward exposure and am still skittish but getting more use to it and will widen them. Currently I am finding it a little hard right to lower as I have been holding only for the day except the very odd one - like today I held PEY.UN. Anyway I have been trying to time the upswing for 3% to 10% and don't understand why I should put a bigger stop when I am only riding for a short time - Am I doing something wrong ? "
- Linda

" I am very satisfied with your service and recommend it to anyone who asks me about stock picking services. "
- Susan

" First off, I just want to once again comment upon the overwhelmingly high accuracy of the daily picks - there is no other site that comes even close to matching your results - and I am very pleased with the website. Please call up the intraday chart for XLE for March 11th. The short entry was $74.70, which it hit several times today. Specifically, it hit the entry at 1:28 PM but then reversed and began to climb and never look back. Sadly, I entered at that point and held a wider stop than usual because of the volatility of that stock. Question is, how can I prevent this scenario playing out again? "
- Krishna

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